Building a Sales Platform

Designing and developing the LifeVantage Mobile App

LifeVantage was seeking a partner to redesign and redevelop their core, mission-critical app

Our collaboration with LifeVantage resulted in a sales app that met the needs of their sales team and customers. We redesigned the user experience, developed a modern interface, and utilized the latest technology to create a fast, reliable, and scalable app. The result was a high-performing sales app that increased productivity and customer satisfaction.


  • UX/UI
  • Mobile Development
  • Project Management
  • Backend Development
  • API Development
  • Staff Augmentation

Eyebrow: Rebranding the App

A Fresh Look

Description: Our team designed the new LifeVantage app with modern UX and design best practices, catering to a diverse set of users. We conducted extensive research to ensure the app was intuitive, accessible, and engaging, meeting the needs of all users. The end result was a successful app that exceeded the expectations of the LifeVantage community.

Eyebrow: Flutter Development

A New Platform

Description: Our team utilized Flutter to develop the new LifeVantage app, enabling cross-platform functionality for both iOS and Android. This resulted in a high-performing, reliable, and consistent user experience, while also saving time and resources. LifeVantage now has a modern and efficient app that meets their needs and those of their customers.

Eyebrow: API Integration

Bringing Complex Systems Together

Description: Our team integrated the new LifeVantage app with multiple backend services, enabling complex sales functions such as order management and lead generation. By ensuring seamless communication with APIs and different systems, the app provided a better user experience and streamlined sales operations, leading to increased revenue and sales for LifeVantage.

Feedback: “Your product experience is synonymous with your brand. From an idea about the product, we design an intuitive and beautiful experience. We apply digital product processes, like rapid prototyping, ongoing usability testing, and iterative development”

Client: JOSH BENNETT, SR Director Product Management